The thing that gets confusing about ´Troncones´ is that the entire beach is called “Troncones” even though the village only takes up a few town blocks. The exception to that is the bay where Eden is located called Manzanillo Bay. The source of the name, Manzanillo (tropical crab apple), are the abundance of the trees that grow there.

The entire area is comprised of:

Troncones the village (5 blocks by 5)
Troncones the beach (three miles along the water)
Manzanillo Bay (the bay where Eden is located)
La Majahua the village to the north of Eden

*When you take a taxi from Zihua or the Airport, it helps to avoid confusion to designate which area you are going to as the rates are different. So you might say Playa Troncones, Manzanillo Bay, Hacienda Eden.