The Zihuatanejo Ixtapa International Airport is only a 55 minute drive away from Eden.

Some of the airlines that have direct flights to ZIH are:

 A taxi is the best way to reach the hotel. The rates are fixed and there is a taxi stand right inside the airport. The taxi stand will be on your right-hand side as you exit the Customs area and enter into the lobby where people stand waiting for arriving passengers. The fare is around 1095.00 pesos. They may offer to sell you a return or round-trip taxi ride, but I suggest not doing so as the return trip from Troncones is less expensive if booked separately.

Eden is located in the "Manzanillo Bay" area of Troncones. If you tell the folks at the taxi stand you are going to "Eden - Manzanillo Bay - Troncones" they will bring you directly to the hotel.

Driving Instructions:

You are arriving at the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo International airport. We are located approximately 50 kilometers (30 miles) north. Follow highway 200 north towards Zihuatanejo (stay to the left at the first fork in the highway right out of the parking lot). They just recently opened a new, and vastly improved, section of highway between Zihuatanejo & Troncones. Basically you drive north on Highway 200 (200 begins at the airport) past Zihuatanejo and up the hill towards Ixtapa. Follow signs saying either Ixtapa or Lazaro Cardenas. As you approach the top of the hill the 2 left-hand lanes will continue straight to Ixtapa and pass under a large sign reading "Bienvenidos a Ixtapa". As you don't actually want to go to Ixtapa, you need to be in the right-hand lane at this point. This lane curves off to the right and heads on toward Lazaro Cardenas.

 But, fairly soon after you split off, there will be yet another divide -- and this time you want to be in the left-hand lane. One lane (your lane) goes to Lazaro Cardenas and the other to "La Puerta". 

As you travel down Highway 200 (after about 21 k from entering the new highway) you will see 2 cellphone towers right in front of you and the highway curving off to the right. Somewhere soon along this stretch you will see a sign for Troncones. The new exit from the highway/to Troncones involves pulling off the highway to the right into a specially build turning lane. It is clearly marked and should be easy to see.

Once you have exited the highway, you will find signs pointing you to the entrance to the road to Troncones. You will continue down this road for approximately 3 kilometers and then arrive in the town of Troncones. Once there, continue through the town (it is small & the road is straight) until you reach a "T". You will be facing the ocean and can only turn either right or left. Turn right and continue down the road for 3.5 kilometers and there you will find Eden.

 One word of advice: don't trust other people's turn signals. Most people here have never taken driving courses and often use the left turn signal to tell the person behind them to pass on that side. Very confusing and dangerous. It's common for someone to turn on their turn signal then turn the opposite direction! Drive defensively and take your time.

All rental car agencies are represented at the airport. Book online before you arrive! If you are booking for Christmas count on them being out of cars when you arrive and delivering it to the hotel a few days later.