Water Sports

We have the best swimming beach in the area, no exaggeration! If you go down to the village of Troncones you will find that the waves are twice as high and the beaches twice as rocky

Please be safe when swimming. A good thing to do is to assess the size of the waves before you go in the water. For the most part you will find medium to small sized waves in our bay. The general rule is if you think that it looks big from the beach; don’t go out past your waist!! The cool thing is that most fun stuff can be done in shallow-ish water.

Boogie Boarding

Boogie boarding can be enjoyed right in front of the hotel. We have wonderful boogie board waves and have boards available for our guests.

Learn to Surf with Mike Linn of Tsunami Surf

Taking a lesson with Troncones resident surf instructor Mike Linn is the best way to learn how to surf. He is especially great with teenagers and those who have never surfed before. Mike has all the boards, rash guard,s and gear that you need to be standing up on the waves in no time. He has lived in Troncones for 16 years and knows all the secret spots for any kind of swell. He also takes care of transportation to and from any lesson. Many packages are available from a week long surf camp to private lessons. Contact him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TsunamiSurfTronconesMexico?ref=br_rs  or directly to his email at  surf@isamexico.com or call him when you are here at 755-103-0018. We will also be happy to make appointments for you, no problemo!


If the waves are small, it is possible to snorkel in our bay. The chance of that is about 50-50. It is always possible to snorkel in the tide pools.

Tide Pools

A tide pool is a place where the rocks protect an area from waves but still let in water and fish. They are like natural aquariums. There are lots of tide pools nearby, from huge almost Olympic size to petit one person size. The biggest one is on the left (south) point as you look out your screen doors. It is about a 7-10 minute walk, take your hat, mask and snorkel. It is shallow but a perfect place for viewing lots of different fish, and no waves to throw you around.

There are also quite a few smaller pools on the north side (right) of the bay. In front of the house with the big palm frond roof you will find lots of Jacuzzi’s, where the waves come in and swirl around make lots of bubbles and fun! Take a couple of beers and pretend like you are the only people on this unspoiled beach.

Beach Combing

Want to find that perfect shell to bring home to your niece? On both the north and south points of our bay, where it is the rockiest, you will find the most shells, lots of beautiful sea urchins and other found art.

Horseback Riding

Jesus has great horses and we can  book him anytime, and he will show up with however many steeds you like. The rate is 200 pesos an hour per horse.

Bike riding

Eden has 4 beach crusier bikes that we rent for 150 pesos for half a day. 

Hatha Yoga

Most days at 8:00 am Natalie Clark has yoga classes on a beautiful yoga space right on the beach, in front of Los Raqueros. Private lessons also available by appointment, email Natalie at 2natalieclark@gmail.com.


Sport Fishing

The fancy way:

There are all shapes and sizes of boats available in Zihuatanejo for day sport fishing trips to catch Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Rooster Fish, Mahi-mahi and more!

For a group of 2-3 people, the captain that I like best is Jaime Vargas (755-554-4254). On his boat you will find two fishing chairs, two big rods, a cooler with 6 sodas, water, 6 beers, ice, shade and Jaime, who speaks English. He leaves the pier in Zihuatanejo at 7:00 am and returns at 1:00 pm.

NOTE: He will not return later if you arrive at the pier late. The price is $150 USD plus $15 USD for the license fee that you pay at the pier when you arrive. There are sandwiches at the pier too.

You can have two different kinds of outings with Jaime. The first type of outing is a shore crawl where you fish for smaller more plentiful fish and also get to have a tour of the coast. The other type is deep sea fishing where you will immediately head for the open sea and not stop until you are about 25 miles out where the big fish live. No matter which trip you go on, you can see lots of sea life, including whales and sea turtles!

If you have a group of more than 2 or 3 people, I can arrange through Jaime for a bigger boat. Or, if you want more luxury, like an enclosed space with AC for example, I can arrange that too. The prices are from $250 and up.

Fishing the Mexican way:

If you are really into fishing and bring your own rod, or think that fishing with a hand line is fun, a good way to get out to sea is to walk down to the neighboring village of Majahua and hire a “panga” and captain.

A panga is a typical fiberglass Mexican fishing boat, it can hold about 5 persons but not all of them fishing. These boats are owned by fishermen who make their living fishing, such that it is. There are no amenities! If you want drinks, and shade, you need to bring it yourself. My favorite person to go fishing with is Samba, he is helpful and very nice.

It is best to arrange for your trip to begin as early as possible, as later in the day the sun gets really hot and the sea more choppy. The pangas don’t go out to as far as the sport fishing boats of Zihua, so you probably won’t be catching the large bill fish but you will get plenty of: Spanish mackerel, Skip Jack, Grouper, and more! Samba charges about 125 for a regular trip but you should agree on the price before the trip, and you might want to give a tip if the fishing was especially good.


Playing games is a fun way to spend a day, especially if it’s for money! Haha We have cards, dominoes, and Scrabble.


Yep, there's NO televsion, that‘s the way we like it!  Jim and I are both voracious readers, Jim on the more nonfiction side and I’m on the more...well, trashy side. So if you need a book, we probably have one for you, just ask and we will give you a selection.

If you would like to go to Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo you may: Scuba dive, Sport fish, Golf, Para-sail, go to discos, shopping, and much more!